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Baby Steps: The Path from Motherhood to Career
Reentering the Workforce after Staying Home with Children
By Diane Lang

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Baby Steps: The Path From Motherhood to Career

Going back to work after staying home to raise children can be very rewarding, but it can also cause feelings of uneasiness, stress, and guilt.

Mothers are constantly asking themselves questions that seem unanswerable:
  • How can I be the best parent?
  • If I take time off to stay home with my kids, will I be able to go back to work?
  • What if I decide to keep working?
  • Could I work part-time and have the best of both worlds?
  • Which choice will bring me the most happiness?
Advice from a Mom Who Knows

Author, therapist, and life coach, Diane Lang, knows how difficult the transition from full-time mother to part-time worker can be. She made the decision to go back to work part-time, not long after the birth of her own daughter. It was that experience that made her realize how much smoother the transition could have been with a little advice and coaching from someone who’s been there.

That’s why she wrote the book Baby Steps: The Path from Motherhood to Career, Reentering the workforce after staying home with children. She wanted to help other mothers through the decisions and the steps from motherhood to career.

Written with the Busy Mother in Mind

As a mother, herself, Ms. Lang realizes that time is a precious commodity. That’s why Baby Steps is written to be brief, simple, and to the point. The easy-to-use handbook style allows readers to skim the pages to find what they are looking for. The book can be easily read in between changing diapers, cooking dinner, and looking through the classified ads. The book is a reference guide and journal, with tips, guidance, and questions for reflection.

Ms. Lang takes moms through the steps toward making a decision about whether going back to work is right for them. Then she provides helpful information and strategies to help mothers succeed. There is advice on updating skills, dressing for success, brushing up on interviewing skills, and creating a winning resume, cover letter, and thank you note. Templates and additional resources are also provided to help get new job searchers started. An appendix at the back of the book provides employment ideas and opportunities for mothers who want to reenter the workplace.

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Baby Steps: The Path From Motherhood to Career
The decision to go back to work is one many moms grapple with. Sure, it may make financial sense to work, as well as help to fulfill a moms' own needs, but stress and guilt can also accompany your choice. You may have a job you'll return to, or your choice may mean beefing up your resume and going on interviews. Either way, a little insight from someone who's been there sure would help. Diane Lang, M.A., life coach, therapist and author, realizes how difficult the transition from staying at home with baby to re-entering the workplace can be. After experiencing this firsthand, she wanted to offer advice to moms facing the same decision. In her book, Babysteps: The Path from Motherhood to Career ($13.35), Lang provides guidance and coaching to make this step as easy as possible. In an easy to read handbook there is advice on updating skills, dressing for success, brushing up on interviewing skills, and creating a winning resume, cover letter, and thank you note. Babysteps also includes templates and additional resources to help get new job searchers started, as well as an appendix at the back of the book with employment ideas and opportunities for mothers who want to reenter the workplace. Getting back out there can be challenging from many perspectives. Let Babysteps guide you through the process with ease. Once you've decided to return to the workplace, you may realize your skills could use some brushing up on. BizyMoms is a resource for moms and they have just announced free e-courses just for moms. For more information please view the BizyMoms e-course brochure. With classes on writing a business plan, networking and effective selling, you just may be inspired to start a business of your very own.

Review - - January 17 2008
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Review by Jennifer,
Baby Steps: The Path From Motherhood to Career
Earlier this week I posted a review of a novel about a woman who went back to work after taking a few years off to stay home with her son. I know that is a situation that many of us face, whether we go back to work because of financial necessity, a desire to keep up our career skills, personal satisfaction or a combination of these. In Baby Steps: The Path from Motherhood to Career, Diane Lang has addressed all these key areas in an understanding and gracious way. Reading the book is like receiving advice from a wise and gentle friend. In writing the book, Diane Lang interviewed many working moms. One of the things that she realized was that by definition, a working mom (or a new mom contemplating returning to work) is short on time. Because of this, she intentionally kept the book short. As a child I always selected the longest books possible so that I got the biggest bang for my buck, but as an adult, I agree with her philosophy. In this 56-page book, every word counts. If you are still weighing your options, this book will help you decide if indeed it is time for you to go back to work. If it is, Ms. Lang gives several options that you might not have considered that have worked for some of the women who she interviewed. She covers the resume, the interview, and that transition period from home to work that is full of mixed emotions. You can buy a copy of the book through Bent Tree Press.

Review - - October 27 2007
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Baby Steps: The Path From Motherhood to Career
This guidebook by Diane Lang clearly had the busy mother in mind. More a pamphlet than a book, it contains within its straightforward 50 pages everything a mother could need to know about leaving the home and going to work – and it can be read and mastered in the time it takes to wait for the laundry. Baby Steps helps moms sort out their decision to work, and it contains advice, warnings, and help for dealing with everything from the job interview to the inevitable maternal guilt. Besides an incredible amount of tips for so few pages, the book also contains related websites to general working Mom information as well as sample resumes and cover letters. Clear, concise, and amazingly comprehensive, this book is a great resource for any mom headed for the workforce, no matter how much time she has on her hands to prepare.

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Baby Steps: The Path From Motherhood to Career
Motherhood is a trade that is absolutely irreplaceable but for many moms, a second job is a definite option. However, for most, the decision to reenter the workforce post motherhood can be a very difficult one. The pressure to fulfill the role of mother and wife can sometimes burden a potential professional life. Thank God for Diane Lang’s Baby Steps: The Path from Motherhood to Career comes. Serving as a reference to mothers who are in need of direction, this easy read will provide mom the confidence and advice to make the next move. Forcing mothers to reflect on important questions like, "what does being a mother mean to me" and "why do I want to go back to work" to "is it financially feasible", Baby Steps allows you to assess what YOUR values truly are. Equipped with advice from other mothers who have had to make similar decisions, the quick read walks mom, who might be a little rusty on her job searching skills, through the basics of searching, building a resume and interviewing. Lang shows mothers that there are different options available that will allow them to balance motherhood with a career. A great read for the mom on the go, Baby Steps shares the emotional adversity in broadening one’s world beyond motherhood to later show that she can make it a positive experience. The book even manages to provide moms with sample resumes and cover letters that are sure to make for an excellent application package. If this is you, then bon-a-petit!!!!

Review by Laura,
Baby Steps: The Path From Motherhood to Career
I was recently given the privilege to review Baby Steps: The Path from Motherhood to Career. It was written by Diane Lang and I was pleasantly surprised with the content. When I first saw the book I wasn't sure how much helpful information it would actually contain. I only say this because the book is rather small, with only 52 pages not including the content and index pages. In the first chapter Diane discusses the questions we should be asking ourselves as mothers, that will help us decide whether or not to return to work. Chapter three includes practice interview questions, while chapter six deals with the emotional side of returning to work. Each chapter holds great information as well as important tools to help a working mother not only cope, but make the transition back to a work environment a bit easier for everyone. If you are a mother trying to decide if returning to work is right for you, give this book a try. I think you will be as pleasantly surprised. Read the excerpt below and then pick up a copy for yourself or someone you know. "Why do you want to go back to work? It seems like a simple question, but there a lot of things to consider. Is it out of financial necessity? Divorce? Empty nest? Do you want a career or a job? Take a closer look at your motivation by answering the following questions. Be honest as you write your answers and add any thoughts or comments you may have along the way. It¢s natural to have a mix of feelings and emotions as you consider a change this encompassing. Writing will help you sort through your thoughts to make a better decision. "


"We are lucky that Diane Lang is so available to us through her success in various mediums: first, her book, Baby Steps, is a concise, easy-to-navigate handbook that even the busiest of mothers can pick up and find time to read. I wish her book was around when I was contemplating my return to work 9 years ago. Her blog really resonates with me ... especially her Happy Parent = Happy Child series (...and doesn't the title say it all!) Her weekly columns and appearances (via the Internet, Radio and TV) inspire moms to keep up the wife/mother/friend/daughter/professional balance in a way that is really feasible. Her down-to-earth approach is her biggest asset and she really cares about those that she is counseling, and everyone who meets her really feels that she can identify with them. I highly recommend taking advantage of the many resources Diane has created - she is truly gifted!"

Michelle M. Stein
Mom and Senior Vice President, Sales Development, Media Client Services, The Nielsen Company

"Thank you so much Diane for your invaluable contribution to our show. You bring personality, humor, energy and great knowledge on behalf of our global audience. Your book Baby Steps has also served as a wonderful guide for the expat mom’s living abroad who juggle raising their children while entering the workforce. It should also be mentioned how much fun you are to work with sharing the hosting responsibilities and....yes, from time to time, keeping me on track."

Tai Aguirre
Executive Producer, The Expat Show

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