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Sales Success Now: In-Depth Sales Techniques
By Dr. Donna Ligda featuring Diane Lang

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Sales Success Now: In-Depth Sales Techniques

Every once in a while a group of very talented, insightful trend-setters and commanding industry leaders come together to illuminate our paths and help us identify the rapid changes taking place all around us. This book brings together international sales superstars along with well known, highly sought after national sales leaders and consultants.

Interviews by Dr. Donna Ligda with the selling experts, including Dr. Ivan Misner, Dr. Josh Axe, and other best selling authors and sales professional, including:

 Dr. Ivan Misner is called the father of business networking.BNI is the largest business networking organization in the world.  Dr. Misner has written over 9 books on sales networking, is a frequent guest on national TV and is a strong advocate that networking is a skill that can be learned.  Dr. Misner writes a monthly column for Entrepreneur magazine and serves on the board of several universities and companies.

Dr. Josh Axe is a wellness physician, popular radio and TV show host and coveted national speaker.  Dr. Axe's goal is to promote healthy lifestyles and keep you free from health problems so that you can enjoy life to the fullest.  Dr. Axe has written several books on nutrition, exercise and making healthy lifestyle choices at home and on-the-road for those who are sales road-warriors.

 Mike Bosworth is a sales super star, a certified management consultant and one of the foremost leaders in virtual business in the B2B arena.He has authored several bestselling books on sales and uses stories to grab our attention stating that facts tell while stories sell.  

Keith Eades is the CEO of Sales Performance International (SPI).  Robert Kear is  co-author and head of international marketing for SPI.  Mr. Eades and Mr. Kear work with the world's leading corporations to help them improve their sales relationships in order to drive measurable, sustainable growth and profitability.    

Dr. Bill Halbert is an expert in relationship management and author of the book, "Relationship Management:  52 Leadership Ideas That Work."  Bill asks the question, "If your employees were unpaid volunteers, would they come back to work tomorrow?"  

Diane Lang is a humanistic life coach, a therapist and educator.  In her latest book, "Creating Balance and Finding Happiness" she stresses how important it is to strive for balance in one's life.  Diane appears regularly on channel 12 in New Jersey and is featured on Fox.

Chris Lytle is the author of the bestselling book, "The Accidental Salesperson."  One of the themes of this classic fountain of sales wisdom is that 95% of us didn't choose sales as a career; sales chose us!  So many of us had to ask the question:  "Now what do I do?"  Chris Lytle has answered this question in 38 countries to over a quarter of a million accidental salespeople. 

Elizabeth Power "gets it".  Power knows that sales, corporations both large and small, along with the entire world around us is in a constant state of change, that old paradigms are fading rapidly.  Named with the likes of Colin Powell, Elizabeth was honored as one of the top 25 meeting speakers of the year.

Jeff Slayter knows all about selling to the tune of $2 billion dollars plus annually.  Slayter offers real solutions to solve real problems.  It's is all about making more
sales, growing the bottom line profitability, persuading and achievement, and being a true leader.  In order to achieve these goals, a salesperson has to learn to use the right tools including NLP.  Slayter shows how to discover the match between making the sale and meeting the customer's need. 

Naomi Colb is a holistic business coach, author and national speaker. 

Creating Balance and Finding Happiness.
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