"Clear, concise and to the point, yet elegant and stylish. Easy to navigate through and get along with. A source of strength and support. Diane Lang's website is much like Diane herself. It's well organized so you can find the information you need, and the information is strong, powerful and helpful. Yet, like Diane, it is compassionate and human, and the website makes you feel right at home. This is a powerful tool in the self-help arena, as it aids the visitor in unlocking the powerful potential inside them, while acting as a guide, mentor... and friend. I highly recommend Diane Lang as a Wellness Counselor, Educator and Author... and her website is an excellent place to start."

John R. Luciano, Oak Ridge, NJ
Freelance Writer and Marketing Consultant


"As a mother of two I find my patience and temper challenged daily. Diane's Positive Parent Workshop was an eye-opener! She really helped change my perception of myself as a mom and allowed me to adjust my attitude. She provides the proper tools and mind set in order for us to be a better positive parents. She reminds us that our children will do what we do. After attending Diane's workshop, I am able to reflect on my own actions/reactions to the children and adjust my behavior in front of my children. Diane has such a compassionate personality and wealth of experience and knowledge in this area; my household is happier because of Diane's teachings. Thank you!"

Stephanie Huang, Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Testimonial of Diane Lang's Positive Parent Workshop


"Diane’s course is a great first step for mother’s wanting to reenter the workforce. She assessed each individual in her class, and gave concrete suggestions on how they should move forward. The biggest take away was that you should talk to everyone you know about your plans, because you never know who might be in a position to help you. I did just that, and within six months of taking Diane’s class I am gainfully employed. Being a mother is the most important job in the world, but, taking a hiatus to care for your children doesn't make you unemployable in today’s workforce."

Attended Baby Steps the Path from Motherhood to Career at the Enrichment Center, Scotch Plains, NJ


"Diane Lang has visited the Jefferson Library on two occasions, to speak on "Baby Steps: the path from Motherhood to Career" and "The Positive Parent." Diane has the unique ability to impart a great deal of information in an accessible, understandable and entertaining way. Because of Diane's ability to inspire her audience, participants at these workshops have expressed determination to put some of her ideas into practice. Her workshops are perfectly geared to her audience, offering practical suggestions that real people can use in their daily lives."

Christine O'Brien, B.A., M.L.S.
Senior Librarian, Jefferson Township Public Library


"Diane did an awesome "user-friendly" workshop for our Mom's group last year. It was geared directly to the group and was extremely informative for all of us. She has a extensive amount of information to share in a very professional manner but very easy for Moms to relate to!"

Beth O, Mom of two
Attended Baby Steps the Path from Motherhood to career, Rockaway, NJ


I have had the great pleasure to have met Diane Lang who was a featured speaker at my event, Women's Health Expo benefiting Breast Cancer Research for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. Diane was truly very informative and entertaining for our audience that evening. We were very lucky to have her for this event.

I have since attended an educational workshop she had given and she did not fail to deliver to all there. Truly a breath of fresh air. Be sure to read her book, Creating Balance and Finding Happiness or catch her workshop in your area.

Deb, NJ


I met Diane at one of her workshops last year. I was very impressed and extremely motivated after hearing Diane talk in her workshop. I found them to be extremely positive. I was going through a rough patch at the time and Diane gave many helpful suggestions on being able to stay more positive and motivated in our daily routines. What I found really helpful was one of her suggestions of doing gratitude checks twice daily which really helps when I take the time to do it in my life. Doing that makes me have more of a positive outlook in my life. Hearing Diane speak made me feel extremely positive inside and I was really able to connect with what Diane was saying. Many people after the workshop all lined up to talk to Diane to make comments on how much they enjoyed the workshop. I would totally recommend Diane's workshop and I cant wait to go to my next one.

Rivki, NYC


Diane's style is one that illustrates organization & balance. In person or on paper, her philosophies allow the average person to think clearly & visualize harmony even if life adds chaos or stress! The techniques & skills that are given in her workshops are invaluable & "user-friendly" for all!

De-Stress Beth


I took Diane’s course at my local NYC library and instantly became a “convert.” Diane has a way with words. She is so positive and uplifting, and is extremely personable. You can’t help but be drawn to her positive outlook and message. She makes sure that there is something in her talk that everyone can “take away.” No matter how many people are in the room, you feel as if she’s speaking to you alone.



Diane presents her topics in a very enthusiastic, realistic, informative presentation. She spends quality time answering your questions and concerns, and gets everyone involved. Her formula for achieving success in whatever area of life goals you are struggling with are simple lessons that you can put into action. And she provides you with additional motivation and confidence that you can do this!

Sharon, Roxbury, NJ

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