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Diane's Core Topics

Emotional Wellness
Stress Management
Positive Parenting
Positive Aging
Positive Thinking
Emotional Intelligence

Customized Presentations - Diane will customize her presentations to meet your group’s needs. Suggested Presentations Based on Past Events.

Positive Psychology - Finding Your Happiness

Mindfully Happy - Waking Up to Life

Stress Less, Savor More

Emotional Detox- Dealing with Toxic People

Letting Go of Anger & Finding Forgiveness

From Positivity to Productivity - Motivating Your Employees to Work Hard and Be Happy at Work

Turning Setbacks into Advantages to Cause Growth and Resiliency

Mind, Body & Soul - Finding Balance in Your Life

Re-Train Your Brain for Success




Thank you!!!

"Your class has been pure joy! I truly hate the fact that its' ending today. You have kept us all spellbound. Thank you for being such a remarkable teacher. Your words and shared experiences have impacted all of us"

Emotional Wellness Series, Warren Community College, NJ

"I'm so glad I came to hear you speak at the library. In the time, I have been working with you, you have helped me change my life significantly. I cannot thank you enough for all the help you have provided. I 'am a very different person now.... I like myself."

Happiness workshop at Mt Olive Public Library and Coaching Client

"Thank you so much for the Wellness Series at the College. When I first started the class, I wasn't sure what to expect but after it was over, I was a completely different person. I had the tools to change my negative thinking, create more happiness and to feel a sense of control over my life.I feel confident in my choice to take this class and will continue to work on myself both through your classes and on my own. You started my mind shift and I'm forever grateful"

Mount Saint Mary College, NY

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Mindfully Happy - Waking up to Life
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